Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Love Saves The Day - Gwen Cooper

Guys! Homer the Blind Cat's mom has a new book out 'Love Saves The Day'! Mum and I are reading it at the moment but we are keen to make sure you get your own copy as soon as you can. We want to thank Ryker and his blog for the heads up about the book coming out today.

First week sales for an author are vital to ensure a book's success.  So far, mum and I can say that Ms Cooper has captured the nature of both cat, and human protagonists with a clear and honest eye - she is not overly sentiment but her writing has such depth that you cannot help but be moved by the characters.

Review to follow when I finish the book.  By then I hope you have got your own copy.  it is available at bookshops, from Amazon, and for the Kindle (which is how I got my copy).

See you guys.... * buries nose in book *


  1. YAY - M is going to order one today because we sure enjoyed the original book about Homer. Thanks for the heads up pal.

  2. My hoomin says she will get it Friday. That is when she gets green papers from work.