Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Rescue Animals ------------dfxxxxxxxxxxxxx

* Tap tap tap - anyone about... Just a short one today *

Just a moment to pause and say a prayer or healing thought for all anipals suffering at this moment.  All those abused animals who sick people video, all those small defenceless animals abused by wicked wicked wicked people, the abandoned and the lost, the cats in bins, the drowned puppies.

A moment also to salute the courage of those on the front line of animal rescue; people like our friend @FuzzyMice always short of funds, the hard working recipients of @FrugalDougals monthly #pawparties,  the SPCA big business but still at the sharp end, the Upper Hutt Animal Rescue - my local rescue shelter, and every other sanctuary, rescue, and frontline organisation or rescue working against the clock and around the clock -

One humble kitten cat salutes your total, complete and utterly admirable courage.


  1. Yes indeed, they are real heros!

  2. hi ! i just got your email regarding needing assistance with our button on the giveaway. i cannot find an email addres for you so i am posting here. can you email me at my contact within my profile info, and will walk you thru it.


    -us4 cats

  3. gosh- i needed to come back and reread your post as the last time i was responding to your email.

    purrs to all the animals out there. everywhere. this was a very heartwarming wonderful post you included here.

    -us4 cats