Friday, 15 October 2010

Winging Cat Rescue Pulls off a Miracle

* tap tap - shuffles paper and checks tabs on Firefox browser for info. *

Ladies and gentlemen, anipals and friends.  I wish to announce another miracle or two. Yep I am being lighthearted about this because otherwise Mum will cry all over again. * Pushes box of tissues closer to Mum *

First, we want to join the world in thanking those who rescued Los 33 from the perils of a Chilean mine  The world watched the BBC and held its breath for a long, long, time.  Their discovery and rescue is a tribute to the faith of many people.

Second.  A true and bona fide miracle, in Mum's eyes at least.  Some of you may have heard that Spaulding County Shelter was to close for much needed refurbishment (no a/c apparently, very basic conditions) and any anipal NOT pulled would be euthenazed .  There is a FB Page about how things stood before the miracle here.  Now, stay with me on this one.....

Tuesday evening Mum read about the cats still there, the dozens, and dozens, and dozens still not rescued from the shelter. She went to bed with a heavy heart, convinced that the long parade of cats over the Rainbow Bridge was about to get MUCH longer.

OK OK Cut to the chase.  Wednesday morning (New Zealand time) Mum came on line and spoke to @ChrisGroove1 a Twitter pal who said that Every single cat had been pulled from Spaulding.  EVERY LAST SINGLE ONE

Mum rushed over to the link Chris provided blinking in disbelief.  It was true.  Absolutely and totally  TRUE.  Winging Cat Rescue had pulled every last kitten and cat from the brink of death.  The whole bunch are now being cared for and rehomed by Winging Cats.  They will be fostered out over the next few months.

Now comes the part where you help the miracle to keep going.  Check the Chipin on the top right. See it....   That is for one particular fur family being helped BUT any contributions made through the chip in will help Winging Cats keep the all of the Spalding cats healthy and adoptable to their furever homes. Some kitties had sponsors others still do not but Winging Cats did NOT leave them behind to die.

Thanks for reading this far, Mum and I are grateful for the three miracles we had had this week.  Happiness and joy for these precious moments eh? * nosetaps *


  1. Hi Dash! We are so excited about the 33 miners being rescued and safe now!

    And oh, we had not heard about the Spaulding County Shelter, but oh what a story - we are so glad that it had such a happy ending! We just learned about Winging Cat Rescue recently and we just love that they help so many!

  2. Oh my Dash, such wonderful news from Spaulding...Happy Dance!!!