Monday, 7 February 2011

My Portrait - Pawesome it is!

* Tap Tap Muuuum C'mON...........*

Hey guys, I just HAD to tell you about the pwize we won from @NoCryBabyDoGs our Twitter pal at the recent #dudefest party.  Mum wants me to do a special blog post so, here it is!!  Check out the cards in the picture below.......

See the beautiful texture of the card? See how the card set is neatly packaged to keep the cards clean?  Mum had wet eyes when they arrived as they are beautiful.  The cards are printed on beautiful cream colured paper with * checks notes * texture that makes them really special. 

You can see how lovely the cards and AND * excited breath * I was sent an extra special gift! I have a card of my famous #Pawparty superhero @FrugalDougal AND Mum's favourite special Twitter Super Hero @PetieTheCat.  Mum says to check out the gorgeous ginger boy (Petie) sheeesh! * rolls eyes *

NoCryBabyDoGs has a truly awesome shop on Etsy that I want you to take a peep at. She does notecards, magnits and labelsis.  I had a good sniff at the cards and they are just THE BEST, well with my portrait on the cards are something special, and I suggest you ask her to make you some, because they will be worth every last single cent!!

*nosetaps *

Dash Kitten


  1. What a great prize to win. Daffy's mom does great work, and we do have her make cards for us. Congratulations on the win.

  2. Those are great! Ya, she has excellent stuff. She sent me a sample magnet a while back. great Quality. Thanx for sharing Purrrrs

  3. Wonderful prize. You are very lucky to win it.

    Have a great day... pawhugs, Max