Friday, 18 March 2011

Smokey8 and the #NipClub Pawsome Event

* smothered giggle and shuffle of papers *

Mum and I want to send out a big thank you to @Smokey8 after her first pawty prize promotion at the #nipclub.

Mum had so much fun I could hear her laughing from out in the garden while I played! I don't know what she was up to but I heard 'Ooh noes' and ;Aggh that was an RT' coming out of the window * rolls eyes *.  I reckon she had a good time which is fun AND Mum says that she won an pawtrait from the most marvelous artist lady.  Check the lady out here - Mum is totally paw-struck!!

Mum says this was something special, everyone had the most fun time and we want to conCATulate our wonderful pal on her marvelous event.


  1. Yes, thanks to Smokey8 for doing that for nipclub. I was busy tending bar so didn't get to participate, but it looked like many pals were playing the game. Great prizes too Smokey.

  2. MOL! Your Mom was having fun and my Mom was ready to pass out! She thot I was going to make a fool of myself. If I did or not is in da eye of da beholder. In this beholder's eyes, he had fun playing wif his mates! Thx you for blogging about me! Purrs