Wednesday, 24 October 2012

100 Followers in time for KollegePawty

* blinks in amazement  then punches the air in delight *

Guys, can you believe I have 100 followers?  Wow - this is so cool! Thanks you everyone!!

* Throws streamers into the crowd and dispenses glasses of champagne *

OK, and as if this isn't a good reason to celebrate, then KollegePawty is!  Put the date and time in your diary.  6 - 11pn New York time.  Mum needs help working out the International time zones but we hope to have them, up soon.  We are fundraising for @SpookyShorty before the Holiday season is upon us and we would love to bring the house down!

Twtvite is here
Tailgate Fare is here

Barktenders, DJ's and Quizzers are needed - pls DM @Whskr as soon as possible. Schedule is up here if the link works (not sure).

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