Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rest in Peace Little 'Un

Little 'Un 1998 - 25th October 2012

Ladies and gentlepals, it is with the heaviest of hearts I announce that Little 'Un has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She is the most exceptional cat that Mum and Dad, and my fur family have ever, ever known.

She came to us as a small stray, settled in, bringing with her a short while later Cuzz-Wuzz (short for Terrified Cousin) and they both settled in as members of the family.  Being such a tiny thing, we did not realise she was a young mum until the kittens arrived! According to the 'having kittens' book "The queen will not leave the kittens for the first 24 hours....." No-one told Little 'Un who was out bright and early patrolling her patch.  Thankfully Cuzz-Wuzz was a fabulous surrogate mum!

When we moved to New Zealand on 2006 Little 'Un settled in just fine and until her last weeks always delighted in rolling on her back on the paved patio at the back of the house. We still smile about that now.

Dash and Little 'Un

Nothing ever bothered our girl Little 'Un, vets, catteries, strangers. She took it all in her stride with a calm demeanour and attitude.  We will miss her more than I can ever say, her stumping little walk, her skipping down to the patio to enjoy the sun, lounging in her dad's office in the best sunpuddle on her tartan bed.

The support from Twitter friends has been immense and kept Mum sane. There will be a ride by the #BBOT (Bad Boys of Twitter) and the #PA (Pink Angels) at 6pm New York Time. My thanks go to @FreshOtis for the honour and @Cats_Meows for spreading the word.

@DylCat1 and @Isagold have been kind enough to set up a candle group for Little 'Un it is here.
There is a beautiful poem by Ingrid Trinka here. It is a farewell peom of great beauty that brings peace. Not sentimental it has a solemn beauty.

DashKitten and Whskr


  1. Wot a beautiful tribute Marjy. Little 'Un is a legend - I did that trip UK to Downunder & it was hard work... she's a solid lass that Little 'Un.

    We are sendin all our luv to U & Paul & the rest of Dashie's harem.

    Dash, mate - Yes, yur bum does look big in that foto!! MOL MOL MOL

    I'm off to light a candle fur Little Ún … #LittleUnRIP

    Wallas xox

  2. So sorry for your loss.
    @rockstarwalrus and family

  3. Oh sweet Little 'Un iz so sorry to hear u had to cross the bridge. BUT, what a wunnerful life U had with Dashie & the crew... Amazing adventures movin from the north pole to the south, & giving life to some bootiful kittehs.

    A life well lived, a Kit well loved.

    #FlyFree sweetheart, I'll keep an eye on Dashie & the harem fur U.

    Love & purrs,
    Isa xox

  4. I am so, so sorry. Many sad and sympathetic purrs are coming your way from here in Los Angeles.

  5. I am so very sorry for your loss my friend. I know Inigo is taking excellent care of her now and making sure she's doing well.

  6. We are all so very, very sorry that Little Un had to leave. We all send you lot of purrs, hugs and love. One day before you realize it, your heart will smile with the beautiful memories. Run free sweet one, run free.

  7. Very saddened to hear of yr loss. A life well-lived. May the hole in yr heart grow smaller as u find peace. Gabby_da_tabby

  8. I am so very sorry for your loss. It is so hard when they cross the 'Bridge, but rest assured that she now has fields of catnip in which to run and roll and many furriends with which to play. She will wait patiently for when the time is right for you to join her.

  9. We are so sorry for the loss of your Little 'Un. Warm purrs and pawhugs.

  10. Dearest Majorie, Dash and your furmily, our deepest sympathy for your loss ... or hugs and kisses with much love from Jane & Jessie

  11. Dearest Marjoire, hubbie, Dash & furamily
    Our deepest sympanty for the passing of Little 'Un may you see a new star in the sky tonight and know it her, happy and free.
    With All Our Love
    Jessie & Jane


  12. My Angel family and my Angel pals were there in a chorus of purrrs to receive her. She has so many friends who feel they know her and I believe we really do!
    She is firmly settled forever in our hearts <3


  13. We're so sorry, Dash and Marjorie and Dad. Mom's still on a plane coming home to me from NYC and just read your post about your sweet Little 'Un. We'll light a candle for her tonight.
    Sending lots of love to New Zealand... and above.
    ♥ Cokes and Mom

  14. I am so sorry for your loss, Dash, Marjorie and family. Little 'Un was well-loved and what an amazing life she had, traveling with your family! I lit a candle for her and will keep her in my heart and thoughts. Comforting purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to you and your family from mommy and me.

  15. Bless Little Un and u and your family. Love to u. Rest in peace, Little Un.

  16. We are so sorry for your loss. May Little Un rest in peace.