Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pet Treat Shopping with Dash Kitten

* looks up from notes  *

Hi guys!  Today's post is more a rolling set of tempting treats.

Why? Well we are all helping friend @BabyPatches get on her feet in these tough times - so I will be featuring the items available over the next couple of weeks.  Mum is making a bracelet for the appeal which will be featured on Cathy Keisha's blog over the next week or so.  Add her blog to your RSS Feed NOW!

Today's Offering is from @CathyKeisha - an unique and special set of songs by the doyenne of #nipclub dj's

Bid in this unique and One Of a Kind CD's here This is just the most special #nipclub fan gift EVER!!

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  1. Anonymous04 July, 2012

    nice posting.. thanks for sharing.