Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Twitter Friends Rock

* deep breff, begins to type *

Friends, everyone of you.

Thank you more than words can say for all of your support while my Aunty Little 'Un is very ill.  We know she will not get better, but, each day she is here is a joy and we all love her very much.

She has great days and not so great days and every time Mum logs on to Twitter you guys are checking on us, making sure we are OK and coping during this stressful time.  Sometimes Mum seems to be running flat out on empty, other times she works and is fine, I guess our Little 'Un governs that part heh?   It keeps Mum sane working on our up-coming pawty for Spooky, giving back some of the love we are given in abundance by our dear pals.

Thanks, every one.



  1. hi pal. Did I ever tell you that you are one handsome mancat! I don't believe we have ever seen a full picture of you before.

  2. Purrs to you, and to Little 'Un. This is always the toughest time in a cat's life - not for the kitty, but for the human. If you pay attention to Little 'Un, I think you will understand the beauty and grace with which she is handling the situation, and maybe she will impart a little bit of that to you.